Password Viewer 1.0

A application for desktop and mobile devices that remembers, stores and cracks passwords

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    Windows 2000 / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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    6.1 (125)

Password viewer is a program that allows you to see what the passwords behind asterisks are in password fields. Most password fields add in asterisks or bullet marks to keep it from being viewed accidentally by people walking behind you. However, the problem comes when you forget your password. If you have the password saved on a particular field but do not actually remember what it is, this is often a problem. After all, you will not be able to change the password if you do not remember what it is. Virtually all systems that use passwords require you to input the old one first before you can change it. This is done to prevent people from gaining access by accident because you have the system set to automatically fill it in.

It can certainly be frustrating when you have the password right there in asterisk form but do not remember it at all. This is where programs like Password Viewer come in. The program can convert the asterisks back into regular text so you can see what it is. The program works in password edit boxes for various programs. It also works for the password input area inside any Internet Explorer window.

One thing you have to careful about is your antivirus program. Some antivirus programs might flag Password Viewer as a virus or malware. They might recommend that you delete the program. The problem is that Password Viewer is not actually a virus. It simply looks like one because it deals in cracking into passwords just as a virus might do. The program is completely safe and you can ignore any antivirus detection for it that comes up if you obtained it from a legitimate source.

The program may not work on every single program. It does work on many of them though. The program is free and simple to use. It is mainly helpful for when you cannot remember your own passwords. It is not a good idea to try using it on other people’s passwords on their computer since this could be illegal. Even if it is legal, it is a good idea to avoid doing it since it is not a nice thing to do. The program works on Windows XP and operating systems that came before Windows XP such as Windows ME. It will also work on any modern browser such as Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.


  • Password Viewer is simple to use. The controls for the program are straightforward.
  • Works in all major browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.
  • The program is free to use and helps you gain access to passwords you’ve forgotten but still have in the form of saved asterisks.


  • Password Viewer may not work on all programs. Users report problems with integrating with LastPass for example.
  • Program shows up as a false positive in antivirus programs. Fortunately, you can safely ignore the entry in your antivirus program since those from reputable sources have no viruses.

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